Have a Ducky Weekend

29 09 2007

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

Wait, that is someone else’s speech!

In the interest of preserving our energies to continue to bring the truth out about Kimkins to the world, we are taking a weekend break.

To relax, unwind and enjoy time with our families.

We suggest those following the story do the same. All Kimmer/Kimkins all the time is simply not good for the soul.

Take a break. Get out into the sunshine, take time with your families, have some fun.

Nothing is going to happen over the weekend. Really.

Be well and we’ll see you again on Monday!


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September 29, 2007 at 3:52 pm


Have a great weekend Ducky!

September 29, 2007 at 4:07 pm

Healthy LCer

Great idea, Ducky. We all need a breather. Good day for raking leaves.

September 29, 2007 at 4:51 pm


I for one will miss you this weekend Ducky.

September 29, 2007 at 5:02 pm

NO Kimkins

I’m sure you’ll be back Monday with an explosive BOMBSHELL and I for one am looking forward to it!

September 29, 2007 at 6:14 pm

Lisa J

I agree!
Have a great weekend all!!!!

September 30, 2007 at 12:43 am

La Mesa

Have a great weekend…you deserve a wonderful and relaxing time!

September 30, 2007 at 2:00 am


Time to pay the piper… 14 Minutes ago
Kimmer, Heidi Diaz, Kim Drake and any other aliases you may be using as you scurry under what now must be a very large rock (in light of recently revealed photos) you hide under.

You, my friend are a real piece of work. You must really despise yourself or are one very sick individual to prey upon the weaknesses and vulnerability of the people that were attracted to your advice and website. Do you realize if you had put as much effort and thought into a legitimate and legal business purpose that you had with this plan of deception of yours, that all you are now facing (or will very soon be facing) would not even be an issue? Your condescending tone and belittling of others shows very clearly what you really think of yourself. Since you so obviously couldn’t change your inside or your outside you chose instead to prey upon these so-willing victims and in one fell swoop, strip them of their money and their dignity. Your obvious self-hatred is really very sad. I hope you get the two things you most deserve, the immediate help from a mental health professional and your day in a court of law. Please keep my $14.95 membership fee, as I am sure you will need it for a large attorney retainer, that or a one-way ticket out of the country.

Come out from behind the curtain Mr. Wizard…Emerald City is about to fall….


This posted at kimkins tonight!!

October 1, 2007 at 6:26 am


Well I guess we know what Tippy was up to this weekend. Check out the new home page of Kimkins. (Warning: You’ll need a barf bag)

I hope Cartbabe can be notified plus I think the legal department of People Magazine needs to know that their logo has been cut and pasted into Kimkins advertising. Tippy I hope for your sake (well not really) that you actually had enough brains to get their express written permission to do this. You see…in the world of advertising it is illegal to use a copyrighted logo in your own advertising, without permission from that company, which …well, is pretty much impossible to get from as large a corporation as this.

Oh and notice how the “miracle woman” herself has been scrubbed off and any mention of her from the front page. No more red dress pic and no more mention of Kimmer and her amazing 198 lb weight loss.

October 1, 2007 at 12:40 pm


“Oh and notice how the “miracle woman” herself has been scrubbed off and any mention of her from the front page. No more red dress pic and no more mention of Kimmer and her amazing 198 lb weight loss.”

Makes you wonder if she’s even there anymore…

October 1, 2007 at 2:26 pm


I have a subscription to People and I’m almost postive that there was no mention of Kimkins in that magazine. I could be wrong, but that would have stood out to me. I’m going to check and see if I still have that magazine and double check.

Another change to the Kimkins site: If you click on the 10 reasons to join, they aren’t listed anymore, you have to give your name and e-mail and they are sent to you.

Anybody else see this as the website crumbling? Does TT see Heidi taking herself away from this more and more and that means TT is going to be left holding the bag?

You Can’t Hide

29 09 2007

Yesterday, theTRUTH treated us to more inside private communications between Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) and SingingLass; private messages from a system that only the two currently have access to because the PM system was closed to all others in an attempt to ferret out who is leaking information.

Interestingly, SingingLass seems worried that her information might have been compromised if she’d included it to Kimmer in their communications. In the PM exchange released yesterday,

SingingLass wrote:
They were like three days ago. Heck, I just last night noticed the yellow star and enable admin mode and went “ohhhh”, I had not even initially realized stuff was being read, like by scoble etc…..I am glad I did not give my full work info out, I had almost sent you a direct link.

Here’s the scoop about SingingLass,

Delaney Lynn Deaver
XXXX NW 20th Street
Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 752-1420

EDITED to remove rhetorical suggestion to avoid any further misunderstanding of intentions; original saved though no longer visible.

Her page at the EBSQ “self represented artists” website.

Her blog as of November 2006.

Her HPANA Harry Potter page.

And her Mormon Dating page.

Is SingingLass a Double Agent?

29 09 2007

We laughed, quite heartily too, as we read the latest installment from theTRUTH of the private communications between SingingLass and Kimmer (Heidi Diaz); a discussion which took place while only two people have access to the Private Message system in Kimkins.

Kimmer wrote:
Nobody has access to the PMs except you & me. Now, if an admin is posting stuff I can’t figure out who that would be? Gary? No, Tarvosk? No. Tippy, Carolyn? No. Who else?

SingingLass wrote:
Then someone has hacked. The pms that are up, are the exchanges between you and i talking about people we were considering banning…..mommas3, honeybee, reesie….and there is bragging that they have more. All of this coming from whoever “thetruth” is….same person who posted our private staff board.

I swear and promise I have not leaked anything. I do think when we switch to the private board, we should use it instead of pms here though, something is going on.

Kimmer wrote:
Yeah, but those are old PMs when admins had access to “admin mode”. No one has that ability now except you & me and I’m not worried about you.
I still like the idea of non-Kimkins for communicating.

SingingLass wrote:
They were like three days ago. Heck, I just last night noticed the yellow star and enable admin mode and went “ohhhh”, I had not even initially realized stuff was being read, like by scoble etc…..I am glad I did not give my full work info out, I had almost sent you a direct link.
There may be some kind of hacking going on too, think we should not rule that out.

Kimmer wrote:
I agree with hacking. Let’s keep our info at the new MB


And with that we learn that SingingLass is the top gun, most trusted, to Kimmer; not Tippytoes; SingingLass has access to the Private Message system, Tippytoes does not.

See the complete post for theTRUTH’s additional commentary!

What’s Up?

28 09 2007

Believe it or not, there isn’t much happening today.

Kimkins is a virtual ghost town.

Tippytoes is keeping her thoughts to herself, mostly.

SingingLass is behaving.

The other admins aren’t catching our attention.

Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) is probably sweating, but not letting on.

Somehow what started as a fun inside joke amongst the blogs has turned into the idea that we have something more to come, with much suspense building throughout the day. Anticipation of something more we didn’t quite realize had reached a fever pitch on some forums.



Funny graphics.

We didn’t start it, but did participate by posting a graphic, and if that made someone believe there was more to come, please accept our apologies.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program!

Kimkins Members Stealth Goodbyes Stay Under Admin Radar

28 09 2007

Member 1 wrote:

NAME, Thank you so much for posting this!! I was just going to do this same thing. I can’t let NAME go through this. If you don’t remember me I was the one who left a few weeks ago, because I just didn’t feel right about this diet, but I just wanted to come back to you all and let you know the health risks. Also check out Deni’s site as well at The Open Bench I too was craving peanuts like crazy and vanilla milkshakes. My body was craving fat and calcium. I also was obsessed with the scale like you. All things in moderation and exercise is my new motto. Did you notice that Kimmer took out the forum where people could vent about this diet. It is gone now, what does that tell you about her. She is getting scared and I just wanted to inform all of you. I will probably be kicked out for saying these things, but it is worth it to save you all the health risks associated with this diet. Love always, NAME

Member 2 wrote:

Good Morning,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this. After much prayer and soul searching, I feel that I must leave. There are many reason for my decision, some of which are the unethical things that have been going on, and the recent account that people are having major health problems. While I am grateful for meeting such wonderful people and I have learned a lot about myself and my eating habits, I don’t feel I can stay. I would love to stay in touch with you guys and keep the support and friendships that we have built together.
You can email me at EMAIL

Thanks for all the support and I hope to hear from you.

Member 3 wrote:

NAME – I was asked before in PM’s etc., how I felt about this diet and the ************. I rationalized and said it was best to get the weight off – basically no matter the cost…..Please forgive me! I was wrong. Please watch this video. It says it all! I thoroughly concur. I too, have the same symptons and issues. I have developed anorexic symptons – yes, I’m thinner – but at what cost to my heart and body. Please be wise and listen to your bodies. The Journey.

Wink! Smi

Wink! Smile! Oh My!

28 09 2007

Keep Digging Tippytoes, Keep Digging

28 09 2007

Tippytoes (Jeannie Baitinger) continues to enlighten Kimkins members about her theory on Ducky, theTRUTH and why Low Carb Friends is unAmerican too!

SUBJECT: Re:Question for Tippy

Tippytoes wrote:

Well, Netrition does allow it’s BB to be used to help destroy our home here. They allow members to speak freely and very unkindly, make fun of and threaten people who follow Kimkins. They even allow this hostility towards their own members who follow Kimkins. They are aware their chat admins are Ducky and The Truth and they are aware of the slander being written and promoted. They have made no efforts to discourage this behavior and in fact appear to be in favor of promoting it. They allow their members to make fun of overweight people yet they call themselves a diet support site. They still keep all Kimkins threads available for use. The “we can do what we want and you better not question it” is unreasonable and unAmerican at best. If you want to do business with this company you certainly may and you have every right to do so. But I want the truth known so others can make their own choices too.


It’s clear Tippytoes has now entered into the realm of what can only be considered libel against Low Carb Friends and their admins; in addition she’s now fully within the boundaries of a lawsuit should Low Carb Friends or those admins she’s accusing decide to take the next step.

Oh, and Tippytoes, slander isn’t written, it’s verbal.