Yesterday the the heavily marketed covergirl of Kimkins, Christin, who is no longer affiliated with the company, but nonetheless still used to promote the website, experienced a terrifying medical emergency with chest pains and severe stomach pains. Her husband rushed her to the ER where she was admitted, observed, tested and monitored for hours before release, with a referral to a cardiologist in hand.

This morning, she visited the cardiologist and contacted friends to communicate she was going to be okay and would make a statement on her blog later in the day.

Remember, we now know that Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) did not lose weight with the diet plan(s) she sells unsuspecting visitors to her website. All you need to do is look at the pictures to see this woman hasn’t dieted for years!

Christin however did follow the plan, as written, all the while believing she was doing exactly what Kimmer did to lose weight.

In fact, Christin may well be the first public face of someone who really did follow a Kimkins very low calorie diet plan, as written.

She is now experiencing the health effects of the malnutrition caused by the diet.

Unfortunately the reality is that she unwittingly was experimenting with twisted dieting ideas propogated by Heidi Diaz, and really just a virtual guinea pig in the virtual diet lab of Kimmer. Christin now has to face the potential consequences to her long-term health for dieting the way Kimmer advised online.

Christin has created a video blog about what has happened to her. Please go take a listen.

We here at Kimkins Exposed continue to keep Christin and her family in our thoughts and prayers.