Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) Audio Released

4 10 2007

Today, Jimmy Moore released a transcript and audio of a telephone conversation he had with Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) at his blog Livin’ La Vida Low Carb.The email he released confirms the email address of Kimmer previously presented by others whom she communicated with via email. Jimmy wrote:

I came across the e-mail response I received from Kimmer/Heidi Diaz to my original written blog interview with her published in October 2006 (which I have since removed because I didn’t want to be perceived as endorsing her diet). Wanna see what this woman who claims she is not Heidi Diaz wrote to me in her e-mail with her interview responses? Check this out (the BOLD type is MY emphasis):

Date: Monday, October 2, 2006 3:01 AM
From: Heidi Diaz < >

Subject: Kimmer Interview
Size: 66 KB
Attachments: Interview – Jimmy Moore.doc (62.9 KB)
Hello Jimmy!You’ve got the patience of a saint, thanks for being understanding. I’ve attached my Interview for your review. I prefer to use smaller paragraphs for readability, but please feel free to edit as desired for your needs.

Now you know my secret identity! Shhhhhhh! ;)


He continued in his post, “Kimmer told me she’s REALLY Heidi Diaz (and if you look at her e-mail address, it’s Heidi K. Diaz…could that be Heidi KIMBERLY Diaz, hmmm?). What’s funny is right before I interviewed her for my podcast show a couple of months back, I asked her if Heidi Diaz was indeed her real name and she told me that was her cousin’s name. HUH? That was just really strange since she clearly admitted in that e-mail to me one year ago that Heidi Diaz was her “secret identity.” She either lied then or she’s lying now.”

Later in his post, he provides a transcript of the telephone conversation he recorded yesterday: Jimmy Moore: “Okay, I am calling Kimmer, otherwise known as Heidi Diaz, right now. We’re gonna see if we can get her on the phone and address some of these issues that were brought up (phone ringing) in that TV…broadcast.” (phone ringing)

Heidi Diaz: “Hello?”

Jimmy Moore: “Hey Heidi?”

Heidi Diaz: “Hello?”

Jimmy Moore: “Hey Heidi? Hello…”

Heidi Diaz: “I can take a message for her.”

Jimmy Moore: “It’s Jimmy Moore, how are you?”

Heidi Diaz: “Jimmy Moore, okay…and, does she have your number?”

Jimmy Moore: “You don’t know who Jimmy Moore is?” (pause) “Hello?”

Heidi Diaz: “Hello? I’m sor…we’re watching kids right now.”

Jimmy Moore: “Oh you’re fine.”

Heidi Diaz: “Can I take a…can I take a phone number for you?”

Jimmy Moore: “Um, no, I want to talk to you.” (pause)

Heidi Diaz: “I’m sorry?”

Jimmy Moore: “I said I’m talking to you.” (long pause) “Hello?”

Heidi Diaz: “I…” (long pause)

Jimmy Moore: “Y-you’re Heidi, right?”

Heidi Diaz:(murmuring away from the phone) “Do you guys know a Jimmy somebody?” (speaking into the phone) “I’m telling you she is out, can I take a number and I’ll have her call you back.”

Jimmy Moore: “Okay…”

Heidi Diaz: “Kedsul (???), over there.”

Jimmy Moore: “I talked to you about a month and a half ago on my podcast show.” (long pause) “Hello?”

Heidi Diaz: “Um…I think you have the wrong number.”

Jimmy Moore: “Uh, no, Heidi, I don’t have the wrong number, I’m just asking you a question.” (CLICK) “Hello?” (long pause) “I do believe she hung up. I think that answers our questions, how about you?”

Jimmy uploaded the audio for anyone who wants to hear the conversation at his podcast website.

You can hear the telephone conversation in episode 92. Play in Popup

In part 1 of KTLA’s expose, you can listen to Kimmer’s (Heidi Diaz) voice to compare when she says “no comment” to reporter, Chip Yost.And you can hear Kimmer’s (Heidi Diaz) voice in the previous podcast interview of her and Jimmy Moore.————————————–

A member at Kimkins asked moments ago,

Re:Back On Track
Kimmer – Did Heidi “step in as you” on podcast with Jimmie Moore too?
Or was that you?


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October 4, 2007 at 5:21 pm

Lisa J

awesome…and let me ask again…..are they still saying “I DONT CARE?”

October 4, 2007 at 5:22 pm


Interesting that the person on the phone says “Heidi” is out but will take a message, then says he has the wrong number…

October 4, 2007 at 5:50 pm


Go Jimmy! Once again, she made it easy to catch her in a lie. Maybe it was Heidi Diaz, just not THAT Heidi Diaz, you know, it was the other one. Did anybody know that Heidi was such a popular name in Corona, CA?

October 4, 2007 at 6:05 pm


LMAO….Hidey you are PATHETIC.

October 4, 2007 at 6:07 pm


I can’t believe she even answered the phone. I’m sure she has caller ID and she knew who it was. I don’t think she answered accidently.

October 4, 2007 at 7:39 pm


Hey, Jimmy, any chance you could get me that phone number? 🙂

October 4, 2007 at 8:06 pm


Heidi Diaz: “Kedsul (???), over there.”

It almost sounds like she’s saying “PENCIL, over there”
Like snapping her fingers to get someone to get her a pencil quick to take a number.

“WE’RE” watching kids…who’s we? Vanessa Sharp, Nikki Sharp, Brad Johnson, and Kim Drake?

You know…so WW article called her Kim Drake…so when people ask for Heidi Diaz it shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Because Kimmer is Kim Drake, right?

Oh, the inconsistencies.

October 4, 2007 at 8:07 pm


P.S. I called her number numerous times before and no answer. Just a voice mail…with the number, no voice.
Go figure.

October 9, 2007 at 7:19 pm


Did Jimmy ever return the tens of thousands of dollars he received from Kimmer for promoting her diet and site?

Shouldn’t he donate it all to charity since he was one of the big promoters of this 500 calorie scam? It sickens me to read about his new iphone and other toys that me, Jeanessa and all the other ex-kimkin members have paid for. He has no other job, right?

Screw the apology Jimmy. Show us da money.

Jimmy Moore Follows Up on Christin’s Story

28 09 2007

Please note, the following is a repost from Livin’ La Vida Low Carb. We have edited to remove graphics and embedded video.

Kimkins cover girl: “I was wrong…Kimkins is not the way to lose weight”

It takes a very special person to publicly admit when they were wrong about something even after multiple warnings and concerns shared by those around them. And yet that is exactly what has happened this week when Kimkins Woman’s World cover girl Christin delivered an impassioned video apology at her blog along with a detailed explanation of the health complications she and others have suffered since beginning the risky low-carb imposter diet scheme devised by a morbidly obese woman named Heidi Diaz.

I blogged about my concerns over the Kimkins fiasco that culminated earlier this week when this beautiful young woman had to be rushed to the emergency room because of some pain in her chest and heart complications. When you hear something like this happening that was brought on by such an extreme low-fat/low-calorie diet like Kimkins, it should make you angry. AND I AM ANGRY ABOUT IT!

To anyone who is still on the Kimkins diet, CHRISTIN has a message just for YOU (link to video)

Show your support for and encouragement to Christin by leaving a comment about this video at her “The Journey On” blog. What a brave woman she is and I am honored to know her as a friend. She has demonstrated nothing but grace, elegance, and dignity in the midst of what has become a complete and utter nightmare for so many of us in the low-carb community concerning this Kimkins debacle.

For the sake of those who cannot view the video, the following is a summary of the video, including direct quotes made by Christin regarding her experience following the Kimkins diet. Be prepared to be shocked and stunned as she shares quite openly about the negative impact this weight loss fraud has had and may continue to have on her health. Pray for her even now as she seeks to reverse the damage that has been done.

Christin said she did this video so that others would “know exactly where I stand on this.” She explained why most people choose to lose weight: to improve their health. Period! When you are 100+ pounds overweight, then you are not living healthy, she noted.

She chose the Kimkins program because she “wanted to lose weight quickly and I thought healthfully” because she “wanted more for my life.” She wanted to “be there” for her family in the years to come. I think all of us who have ever gone on a weight loss plan can relate to that.

When she first began, the program was working great for her because “I was following the program exactly as written. I thought I was doing perfectly.” But after losing 100 pounds in five months, Christin then conspicuously noticed there was not one single doctor who approved the Kimkins diet. That’s when she started looking into who Heidi Diaz, aka Kimmer, really was and what she claimed to be.

Diaz had alleged in the marketing of Kimkins that she lost 198 pounds in 11 months on this Kimkins diet and was promoting it that way to anyone who would listen with supposed pictures to prove it. But it was this recent series of articles that included recent photographs of Diaz along with several other sites that made Christin become concerned and realize that those claims by Diaz were simply “not true.”

“Heidi did not lose the weight, she did not follow this program that she claims is safe for anybody, even for diabetics,” Christin said.

Then Christin turned in her video to the “risks” of being on the Kimkins diet that she discovered first-hand while following the program. She said she has real “concerns for everyone else that has attempted this program or will attempt this program.”

That includes first and foremost hair loss. Christin admitted that her hair “started fall out in handfuls” and it “scared” her. She estimates she has lost as much as 60 percent of what used to be “thick, full hair” prior to her Kimkins experience.

“Now it’s very thin,” she exclaimed.

Another side effect was the loss of her menstrual cycle that she believes happened from “eating so few calories and my body was becoming malnourished.” She said the hair loss and lack of periods are both tell-tale signs of anorexia, an eating disorder where victims literally starve themselves to be thin.

“I believe now the Kimkins diet program promotes a form of anorexia that I don’t know if science has even attempted touch on this yet,” Christin stated. “300 calories a day is not safe weight loss.”

Any dietary change this drastic need to be closely monitored by a doctor just like those who undergo gastric bypass surgery do, she added.

When these symptoms began to show up, Christin went on the Kimkins forums to see if anyone else was losing their hair and female cycle like she was. “What’s going on?” she pleaded to anyone who would listen to her concerns. And Christin said she “saw it come up multiple times” regarding these symptoms she was having in other people, too.

The excuse provided in response to this happening was that it was “perfectly normal and you’re going through a shed. Your body is just losing estrogen.” It was just too coincidental that “almost every other person who kept their calories under 1000 calories, probably more under 700 calories, has lost hair.”

“I don’t want to scare you,” Christin said speaking directly to people who are still following Kimkins, “but I want to bring you into the reality that there is a better way to lose weight.”

Christin asks “are you really doing this?” and urges people to take their diet plan to their doctor for him to examine it. “Take him your Fitday, take him exactly what you are eating, let him see your calorie counts,” she said.

“I’m concerned about you,” Christin pleaded.

Christin says she is sorry for supporting the “dangerous” Kimkins diet

When the time came for Christin to step into the spotlight back in June when the Woman’s World magazine cover story opportunity came up, she said she was “put on a pedestal as the ‘cover girl.’ I was the model, I was the way to do it.” But now she realizes how she was used as a pawn and seeks the mercy of those who trusted and looked up to her.

“I need to ask your forgiveness,” she said. “I’m sorry. I was wrong. Kimkins is not the way to lose weight. Kimkins is dangerous…for your health, it’s dangerous for your psyche.”

But as much as Kimkins hurt Christin up until this point, none of it was as grave as what was happening to her without even realizing it. She had the symptoms of an eating disorder that she admits made her realize she “had a problem” when she was fearful of even consuming some salad out of fear that she’d stall in her weight loss.

“I did not get fat on salad and on healthy vegetables,” Christin explained. “I got fat on sugar and white carbs.”

Getting over the fear of eating was a very difficult mental test for Christin as she now obsessed over every little bite of food she was eating and how it would impact her on the scale. She revealed that she hasn’t met anyone who has been on the Kimkins program who wasn’t “literally scared” to add food back into their diet.

“What kind of a program is it that makes you scared? Weight loss is not about fear, weight loss is about excitement, it’s about joy, it’s about recapturing your life,” Christin shared with a glimmer in her eyes. “It should be a fun journey, not a fearful one.”

And yet fear was exactly what gripped Christin and it would not let go of her.

“If I wasn’t losing everyday, then I began wondering what was wrong with me,” Christin admitted. “Nothing was wrong with me. My body was screaming at me. It was putting the brakes on and telling me you’re going about this the wrong way.”

As a devout Christian, she knew that “God created us to eat healthy foods; vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and yes, even fat.” Christin reiterated that she believes there is “validity to low-carb programs” like Atkins, Protein Power, and the like when they are done the correct way and not the Kimkins way.

“You will provide your body with all of the nutrients that it needs” when you follow low-carb by the book, Christin shared. “God did not create you to starve yourself.”

Outlining the “many dangers within the Kimkins program,” she said that it goes much deeper than just an eating disorder. She said that “something is going on within my body” and that it has been manifested in the form of “flutters” in her heart for the past month.

“Twinges, cramps, aches, all within my chest cavity right around the area of my heart,” Christin expressed, sharing that it all came to a head on Monday when the “severe chest pains…stomach aches, and nausea” were so great she was admitted to the emergency room staying there until late at night.

The doctors examined her with many tests, including an EKG, blood work, chest x-rays, and they kept her at the hospital for several hours to monitor her condition. It’s still unknown what caused the tremendous pain to come on Christin like it did on Monday night, but she was prescribed pain medications and was referred to a cardiologist for an immediate follow-up visit.

That visit to the cardiologist took place on Wednesday who shared several concerns for Christin. With a “more and more serious” look on his face after hearing Christin’s story about her starvation-mode weight loss method compliments of the Kimkins diet, he told her flat out that “our bodies can suffer damage from eating that little.”

After conducting more tests on her, including an EKG, an ECG, blood work, and “lots of listening with the stethoscope,” the cardiologist said he was not concerned about what he called a “normal” low pulse rate of 45 (incidentally, mine is in the upper 40’s since I lost nearly 200 pounds and Christin has experienced a heart rate in the low-to-mid 40’s). Even still, she says she “might get a second opinion on” just to be sure about it.

But there were real concerns that the cardiologist had for Christin, including “possible damage to my heart nodes and valves from malnutrition.” Because of that, he wants to have a sonogram of Christin’s heart to confirm whether or not there is this damage since it was inconclusive from the initial examination. He’s also concerned about some “esophageal spasms” that happen whenever there is a “rapid change in your dietary program and you lose a lot of weight.”

“Things can change on your insides,” Christin quoted the cardiologist as saying, “that it takes it a while to catch up.”

She is now medication for this “distress” with the contractions surrounding her esophagus and trying to rest as her body goes through the healing process.

Speaking passionately and directly to those who still think the Kimkins diet is a safe and effective way to lose weight in a healthy manner, Christin had an extremely clear and articulate message for them.

“If I and my story can stop anyone else from having pain and having the fear that I did that I might have caused even further damage and by attempting to be for my family I hindered my longevity with them–I was scared to death. That ride to the hospital was one of the most fearful ones that I have ever had! My husband was scared at having to face the possibility of losing his wife and his helper and his love,” she recalled from her haunting experience earlier this week.

When they got to the hospital, Christin said she and her husband “prayed together” while holding hands hoping for the best in God’s hands. And that’s something she wants to help others avoid if they will simply listen to what she has to say.

“If I can save any of you from having to go through that, then it is worth it,” Christin concluded.

Speaking about her role as the Public Relations head of Kimkins last month and as the cover girl on the Woman’s World magazine in June, Christin said she did it because she “thought [she] was helping” others as is her heart’s desire.

“It has always been my desire to help people,” she said. “And especially those that I feel a connection with, those who have struggled to lose weight their entire lives, those who have issues with obesity–something that I know all too well.”

Christin said taking on those responsibilities felt like she was “doing my part to give hope, to give assurance, to sympathize and to empathize” with people who were facing the same struggles that she had trying to lose weight. She still has those feelings for people who want to beat their obesity which is why she is still blogging and participating in a low-carb forum again.

“My heart goes out to you because I know what it’s like,” Christin stated. “I know the euphoria of losing weight quickly, but I also know the risks and the dangers involved and I am begging with you now to please listen to your body like I’ve said so many times and do the right thing.”

She added: “There is a right way and a wrong way to lose weight. And I am now convinced that starving yourself and utilizing the Kimkins program in that manner is not the right way.”

Realizing there is still a need for a community for people who desire weight loss the healthy way, Christin said we should all “stand together and learn together” the “correct way to use a low-carb program to make each other healthy, to live a longer life for our loved ones and our families.”

Christin said she’ll be back to blogging again soon and appreciates the friendship and love that has been shown to her through this horrific experience.

“I love you and I’m here for you,” she concluded.

Visit Christin and learn more about her continuing low-carb weight loss journey at her “The Journey On” blog as well as the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Discussion” forum. And if you would like to contact Woman’s World magazine to let them know about your concerns regarding the Kimkins program, their direct e-mail address is Perhaps if enough of us let them know about Christin and others who have suffered serious health consequences from being on Kimkins, then they may print a retraction.

Oops, There Goes Another One

26 09 2007

Last night, a member posted this before fleeing the goodship lollypop Kimtanic,

“This may not be very popular right now but I didn’t just want to disappear without explanation or warning. If you’re not interested in the why then don’t read any further. I can no longer give validation or credibility to a place that now engages and encourages in the exact same behaviors that they once derided others for. Encouraging the flaming of others and the banning of members and editing & deleting of posts…. I have a problem with all of these things and they’re happening here. It’s not just people coming here to cause trouble that are being banned and edited either. I, personally feel that everyone here should be concerned about censorship.

I saw the thread where GlamGirl was flamed before she was banned and her posts deleted. Her posts did not deserve the response she got. What she said may have bothered some but she put it in the proper thread and I thought she was just adding her own point of view. She was treated absolutely horribly. An Admin even joined in. That just made it worse. It was like it was now ok to be rude to someone who doesn’t totally agree with you. It was like the car accident you just can’t look away from. What the heck happened to people here? There was just so much nastiness being spewed but OUR members.

This forum is suffering an overuse of the ban button these days. Editing and deleting posts is also going on way, way too much. A member had asked for help on what I can’t recall but I remember the reply because I was interested in the answer. The member who’s answer I was interested in posted a link with more info on “refeeding”. The link did go to a specific post on a thread in the LCF forum. I followed the link and wound up reading the whole thread. The info was very helpful and there was no anti-Kimkins sentiment or bashing on there. It was banned simply because it was a link to LCF and a group there is the reason for a lot of the trouble now, so deleting anything with a link to their forum should be perfectly understandable. What!? I DON’T THINK SO! Read the new TOS. Do you all realize that we’re not supposed to put links in our posts anymore. There are a lot of websites that want you to link to their page and NOT cut & paste. So, what, we here just miss out on info because it might come from a site that an Admin doesn’t like?

I didn’t read about this happening to somebody on some other site. I *saw* it happen… here. Both thing happened very close to each other and there have been a whole bunch of red flags, large & small. “Controversy” aside. This is more than enough for me.

I wish all of you the best in life and your continued success with losing weight. I don’t want to leave you all but I just can’t ignore what is going on elsewhere on this very site and only post here. Our safe haven *is* controlled by someone else. Some of you have my e-mail if you wish to use it to keep in touch or perhaps you may find me over at Jimmy Moore’s forum. I truly hope that I have not offended anyone. I am not giving up, just moving….”

Jimmy Moore: Kimkins is Imposter Diet, Don’t Do It

25 09 2007

In a post just a few minutes ago, Jimmy Moore has spoken out against Kimkins.

As much as I have tried to distance myself from the still growing controversy over the low-carb imposter diet known as Kimkins since my public apology for once supporting it nearly two months ago, new revelations that cannot be ignored keep bringing it back to the forefront and warrant further exposure here. THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT TO JUST IGNORE!

When the virtual face of Kimkins–Becky, Christin, and Deni–decided to distance themselves from the diet earlier this month, it was a tremendous blow to the reputation of Kimkins that promises “super-fast results” by restricting fat, calories, and carbs. These three beautiful women were the heart and soul of Kimkins and their departure has left the Kimkins web site with a very noticeable lack of love and concern that it had become known for (incidentally, all three of them are now at my forum providing support like they once did at Kimkins). [EDIT to remove link, see our sidebar]

But then when it was discovered by a private investigator that the founder of this diet who calls herself Kimmer (her real name is Heidi Kimberly Diaz despite the fact she told me personally that Heidi was both her real name and her cousin on two different occasions) is a morbidly obese woman who never lost weight according to her son and ex-husband and has a very long history of being a scam artist, I could no longer remain silent.

If you are a member of the low-carb community, then this issue with Kimkins should be of grave concern to you. What started out as a seemingly innocent-looking diet that’s “just another low-carb plan” (it isn’t really, but that’s how it is being portrayed) has turned into something really ugly that is now having a negative impact on the lives of real people. That’s right–PEOPLE ARE GETTING HURT FROM BEING ON KIMKINS!

One such person it is having a direct impact on is the Woman’s World cover girl Christin herself who lost 100 pounds in five months on the Kimkins diet. I don’t know if you’ve heard about this yet or not, but she was admitted to the hospital last night with chest pains and has been referred to a cardiologist. Her pulse dipped into the upper 30’s and that has the doctors worried for her heart health.

They have ordered Christin to rest today and she is on pain medication to help relieve the chest pains until she can see the cardiologist.

“They did all the tests for major cardiac issues and ruled them out,” Christin wrote at my forum. “EKG, blood work, chest x-rays, all came back normal so that is good…please keep praying. I’m pretty sore today (in my heart), but feeling a bit better.”

Add this to the other side effects Christin admitted she experienced while on Kimkins, including her hair falling out and missing her menstrual cycle for five months in a row and it is quite disconcerting to say the least. While it is unclear whether this chest pain issue is related to the Kimkins diet or not, it’s certainly difficult to ignore.

Then you have Deni who lost 60 pounds in three months on Kimkins and she is now wondering where the “warning label” about this diet is at her blog this week after experiencing some rather odd side effects since being on the diet, too: extra periods, hair loss, dizzy spells, blurred vision, heart flutters, and intense cravings. All of this came in the pursuit of weight loss so she could live a healthier life for her family.

The irony of it all isn’t lost on Deni.

“I said that one of the reasons why I wanted to lose weight was because I wanted to be here long enough to see my kids and future grand kids grow up,” Deni wrote in her blog this week. “Now, it’s possible that losing weight has lowered the chances of that actually happening.”

More tests are being run on Deni to see if the damage that was done can be fixed. Please pray for Christin, Deni, and all the others who have received the grim news about the damage to their health that may have been caused by their participation in the Kimkins diet. What a travesty this would be if hundreds, even thousands more following the dictates of this scam diet plan were to have their health ruined, too!

Is it just mere coincidence that the two most prominent Kimkins weight loss success stories are now having to deal with this kind of thing? Why is something like this even allowed to exist when real people have DOCUMENTED proof that they have been damaged as a result of this low-carb imposter diet scheme cooked up by an extremely overweight woman named Heidi Diaz?

If anyone is considering going on the Kimkins diet, then let me warn you: PLEASE DON’T! There are better ways to shed the pounds that are a part of a happy and healthy low-carb lifestyle. You can find information and support for these plans at my new “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Discussion” forum so you can shed the pounds in a healthy and safe manner. Eating at least 1200 calories a day with ample protein at each meal, limiting your carbohydrates from mostly non-starchy veggies (green leafy), and getting healthy amounts of fat will put you on the pathway to success in your low-carb lifestyle. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

As for Kimkins, please do your research by checking up on this growing list of web sites for detailed information about how this diet is nothing more than a ruthless money-making scheme that has been perpetrated on unsuspecting victims by someone who doesn’t care a bit in the world about the weight and health of the people she comes into contact with.

Anyone who doubts this (especially those who are still supporting Heidi despite all the evidence inside Kimkins) should get introspective and take a long, hard look at all that has transpired over the past couple of months. If you do that, then there’s no other choice for you but to distance yourself as much as possible from this shyster. It is for the best and you’ll be so glad you did.

For those of you who were either employed by or were affiliates of Kimkins and are concerned this scam artist Heidi Diaz may try to use your Social Security number for her devious schemes, you may want to try LifeLock to protect yourself as I did [EDIT to remove affiliate link]. For less than $10 a month, they guarantee your credit and identity will be kept safe from evildoers (like Heidi) and you get a copy of your credit report twice a year along with that service. Additionally, they stop all those annoying credit card offers within a couple of months and alert you anytime someone tries to open a line of credit in your name using your private information. It’s the best protective purchase I’ve made in a long time and it may be just what you need to protect yourself, too! Regardless, good luck to you and here’s hoping your sensitive information was not compromised.

The moral of this story surrounding the Kimkins calamity is simple: be very careful about who and what you choose to associate yourself with. I learned my lesson as have many others who were sucked in by this. What began as merely a raw business deal has now turned into something much worse. It’s without a doubt a really big danger for the health of those who are on this low-fat/low-calorie starvation diet.

How many more lives will need to be hurt before something is done to bring an end to this? If you want to get pro-active in stopping this dangerous dieting scheme before anyone else is harmed, then lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also, if you were a member of Kimkins and have been refused a refund, consider joining the class action lawsuit that has been filed against Heidi Diaz for fraud.


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September 25, 2007 at 11:19 pm

Jimmy Moore: Kimkins is Imposter Diet, Don’t Do It by

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September 25, 2007 at 11:35 pm

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September 25, 2007 at 11:38 pm

Jimmy Moore: Kimkins is Imposter Diet, Don’t Do It by

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September 25, 2007 at 11:40 pm

Jimmy Moore: Kimkins is Imposter Diet, Don’t Do It by

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September 26, 2007 at 12:48 am

I Can See Clearly Now

Hey Jimmy, is that an affiliate link to “Lifelock”? Still trying to make a buck off of this travesty. Shame on you.


Good catch! We removed the affiliate link.

September 27, 2007 at 3:58 am

Jimmy Moore: Kimkins is Imposter Diet, Don’t Do It | Good Health And Wellness

[…] Brian White wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIs it just mere coincidence that the two most prominent Kimkins weight loss success stories are now having to deal with this kind of thing? Why is something like this even allowed to exist when real people have DOCUMENTED proof that … […]

Getting to Know Tippy Toes

11 09 2007

One of the newest admins at Kimkins is Jeannie Baitinger, aka ‘Tippy Toes’ in the Kimkins forums and Low Carb Friends forums. For the purpose of keeping things simple here, we’ll refer to her as ‘Tippy’ throughout.

Tippy joined Low Carb Friends back in April 2004 when she started a low carbohydrate diet (Atkins) and weighed 263 pounds. Since that time she’s admittedly struggled to lose the weight desired and declared herself at goal on September 8, 2006 after losing 100 pounds. In the last year she’s maintained her weight between 150 and 155 pounds, alternating between Atkins and Kimkins. Why we make this an issue is that she recently wrote a positive 5 star review at the BBB for Kimkins, on September 7, 2007,

This is the BEST weight loss website I have been to yet! Thanks to I have lost 112 lbs, have never been sick, got off blood pressure and cholesterol meds and I feel terrific! I have NEVER experienced anything but positive help from the site and I was NEVER told to use laxitives OR lower calories–ever.I cannot say enough good things about the website. I tried other weight loss plans and they did not work but that Kimkins sure did! And I have medical records and pictures to prove it. Just ask me for them.

Within the Low Carb Friends postings she’s made, it’s clear she did not follow Kimkins exclusively.
In fact, through her own posts at Low Carb Friends, we learn she lost 47 pounds following Atkins, stalled for six months, moved to South Beach, then Eat Fat Get Thin, then a Fruit Rotation regiment, then Kimkins, and then finally a rotation of Atkins and Kimkins.

Yet, in the above review she attributes her entire weight loss to Kimkins. This may well be because she was the featured weight loss success recently in the Kimkins newsletter (issue 20). In that feature she states she started with Atkins and then found Kimkins when her weight loss stalled, she was frustrated and “starving and felt terrible…I was desperate.” In that feature she also willingly states she alternates between Kimkins and Atkins. This fact is curious given Kimmer’s (Heidi Diaz) disdain for Atkins and its allowance for higher fat meats and dairy. When we review the situation, it is clearer why Kimmer is open to Tippy saying many of the things she does in her success story. Kimmer is losing staff left and right and needs to replace staffers fleeing her company and site. She knows one thing about Tippy, and that’s her long standing desire to be an Admin at Low Carb Friends, a position she is now more than willing to extend to Tippy now that she, Kimmer, is desperate.We recently learned that over the years Tippy has long desired a position of Admin at Low Carb Friends and has made this desire known to many close to her, including Kimmer prior to her departure from that forum.

Last year Tippy stirred up things on a weight loss challenge thread on Low Carb Friends by being very critical of the Low Carb Friends admins at the time. She made it known she believed she was qualified to be an Admin and when a position as one was not offered, she started passing along private information about the Low Carb Friends admins behind the scenes in emails and Private Messages in an attempt to turn them on each other. In those communications we are told she alluded to questionable behavior by the Low Carb Friends Admins at a pig roast in Tennessee she attended, allegations we will not detail here, but suffice to say included implications of inpropriety between Admins whom were not married to each other.

An attention junkie like Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) she spent months attempting to garner a position of Admin within Low Carb Friends to no avail, but her desire to be one continued.

As soon as Kimmer offered an Admin position to Tippy, she jumped at it and quickly told her friends, expressing her delight at the opportunity. We’re told she said she was thrilled by the “authority” Kimmer entrusted her with and also expressed a grand plan to completely revamp the Kimkins diet plans into something she believed would be healthier and much less objectionable to those concerned over the safety of the plans as currently written.

May we remind her she need only look as far as Becky to see such changes will not be tolerated by Kimmer. Read Becky’s Reasonable Appeal to make changes and Kimmer’s reply point by point.

What is more disturbing than her less than accurate BBB review however, is that she’s taken to doing Kimmer’s biding on Low Carb Friends. In a very recent post there, she laid the groundwork to instill doubts in the minds of those concerned about Kimkins and Kimmer by questioning not only the motivation of those engaging on the Facination thread, but also attempted to lay blame for the entire situation on one individual, former business partner Catherine (whose husband is releasing details of that partnership at Slamboard).

Her post, titled Are We Being Used, includes the following,

Just a thought. Notice the person who started this thread is a junior member (meaning newly registered) and does not continue to post? Notice so many junior members coming in now? It is easy to assume they are from Kimkins site BUT I wonder about the truth in that assumption for many reasons. One, I recall Catherine telling X LCF members how easily identity can change so they could come back without admins knowing it was them… Cutie–remember that? Two, I notice the junior members seem computer savvy enough to post info and pics I would not have a clue about myself… Now I am not saying every single junior member here is ficticious. But I think many may be. Tom, can you check out this possibility?Is it possible this whole thing has been created by the ex biz partner, who is clearly mad as heck? Also, keep in mind it is the same creator of slamboards and…perhaps Ducky? Oddly enough, Catherine admits it was her idea to start a website for Kimkins–not Kimmers. So I don’t think Kimmer spent countless hours here plotting but I think Catherine did. Also, Catherine just thought Kimkins was a wonderful plan and fully endorsed and followed it, according to her. Until the partnership disolved, that is. Now it can kill you…WTH?

And the Kimkins survivors blogs… Are they real? How do we know? And the 14 year old–was that real?
The threats to anyone who is a moderator for her site–threats of fraud and lawsuits… A bully tactic for sure to intimidate them into walking out. The claims of KimATC being 50 lbs over weight…How rude was that, asking her how that Kimkins diet was working out? In fact, that statement points that Kimkins doesn’t work and we have established it does. We all have weight problems which is why we diet. The pressure is on–but by whom? The reasons seem pretty obvious.

Don’t get me wrong. I KNOW there are some of those people here in a genuine manner. I know a couple of you from her site and I know you had concerns (even if you are ALL at goal now thanks to her diet). I do not agree with cutting calories further in the event of a stall either. But perhaps Kimmer was in the learning process herself and it was a bad decision, or mistake. And maybe Kimmer did gain weight back and won’t tell. Take a good look around this site. How many people have gained their weight back and refuse to remove the skinny avitor pics and change stats accordingly? I think many of us are guilty for that.

Are we all puppets on a string being manipulated by a raging X partner?

We know in the past Kimmer has taken to manipulating situations to motivate individuals to do things they might not do on their own. An example of such behaviour in the past is the January 2007 blog by Jimmy Moore, where he attacked Low Carb Friends and did so in a scathing and vicious manner. He’s since retracted that post, but our memory is long here and we’ve been told that Kimmer’s input was indeed the impetus for that post.

It’s interesting that many of the points Tippy brought to her post at Low Carb Friends are now the same points Kimmer is trying deperately to convince her members of within the Kimkins forums. It appears much of Tippy’s post contents were scripted by Kimmer. Tippy seems unaware of the manipulative instincts of Kimmer and may not realize how she too is now being used by her as a means to an end.We ask this, Tippy how could you associate yourself with Kimmer given all the facts now in the public view?

We’d like to remind readers that this is the same Tippy Toes who organized the fundraiser for Kimmer’s (Heidi Diaz) phantom foster children last summer. Tippy accepted the position of Admin after revelation of the fact Heidi Diaz has no foster children and has not had foster children in her care since at least 2000.

Previous Admin Amy Sets Up Own Forum

10 09 2007

Amy, a former Kimkins Admin and author of Eating Low with Amy, has launched her own support forum online, the Eating Low with Amy Forum. The new FREE forum is sure to become a home to many fleeing the sinking ship of the SS Kimkins.

We’re fairly certain that Amy is next to be banned (if not already) by Kimmer (Heidi Diaz).

Bye-Bye Amy!


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September 10, 2007 at 1:21 pm


if you check out the exercise area at kimkins you will see that Kim has left as well

When Kimkins Disappears or Goes Defunct

30 08 2007

It’s coming, it’s in the air, you can feel it.

Kimkins is limping along now and each day a new revelation is knocking one more brick away, weakening the structure and will of those within.

When the time comes and goes defunct or completely disappears, those within need a place to go and find online support.  Below are online communities we feel comfortable recommending you bookmark for when you need a place later!

Active Low Carber Forums

Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Discussion (we hear this is where Becky is now making home online)

A Pinch of Health

Good luck to those who are still within Kimkins.  For other forums, please check the comments as we’re sure other forums will be identified as places to review and check out when you need a place to retreat to in the coming weeks and months!